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About Us

My name is Cody Kanger and I started Backroad Auto from a combination of my education in Mechanical Engineering, almost 10 years in the lawn care industry, and a passion for equipment. It all started in high school with starting and operating a lawn care business for several years with trucks, trailers, mowers, and employees. In 2013 I sold the lawn company to focus on mechanical engineering at UNL. Over 5 years I finished my mechanical engineering degree. I was lucky enough to test Case and New Holland tractors at CNH Industrial and Exmark lawn care equipment in Beatrice, NE. Upon graduation, I wasn't ready to leave to I stayed and completed a Master's in mechanical engineering while starting and running a metal 3D printing lab. With so much class work, I had to get outside and started Kanger Lawns - my 2nd lawn care and landscaping business. For the past few years I have operated this lawn care business and learned a lot about the best tools, equipment, and procedures to use. This led me to discover my true passion and excitement - equipment, trucks, and trailers! Using my industry experience in lawn care, my education in mechanical engineering, and my interest in running a profitable business, my goal is to help fellow business owners with their truck & equipment setups and convert expenses into more profits!

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